Astrology software AstroQuick Web 7.6
save, import et export your birth charts.
AstroQuick gives you two ways to save your charts:
1 - Individual file : The birth data are saved with all the preferences of your chart (settings, colors, calculations etc.).
This method will allow you to save an illimited number of charts on your hard disk. To reopen a chart, use the menu option "open". In the window click on "open..." then select the corresponding chart file on your hard disk.
You can open the Astroquick 7 chart files (extension .htm, other files are accepted, cf below). Once opened, the chart presents the same caracteristics than when you last saved it (settings, colors, calculations etc.), even if you have changed your preferences in between.
You can paste your preferences, then you are only one click away from changing your settings (starting with one of the preferences or another chart).

2 - Charts list automatically saved online. Only the birth data are saved (with no preferences).
This will allow you to keep up to 800 birth data (v.7.50).
Opened charts in the lists always present general charts preferences, the ones set up in the menu "charts preferences" in the AstroQuick main window.
AstroQuick has 5 charts or birth data importation modules.

The first module is integrated to the coordinates type-in dialogue and allows you to import data through a copy/paste. Thanks to this analysis, almost every formats are recognized or at least are easily savable.

As for data coming from different Astroquick softwares (Web, Mac and PC), other modules will allow you to import :
If you make any mistake, when the file isn't recognized or data aren't available, an error message will pop up and the window will automatically close.

User guide for the AstroQuick Mac 5 software.
AstroQuick will allow you to save your list of charts to a standard CSV format, compatible with database and spreasheets softwares. Most of the list can be reimported by opening the corresponding file.
You can also export the graphs of the skychart and the position boards and planetary aspects.
Moreover you can save the PDF reports for charts and synastries.
On iPhone and iPad, JPG files are totally compatible with pictures storage. PDF reports can be also saved and may be usefull for read them offline. Installation of a free app PDF file reader may be required on older iOS or Android systems.
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