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Getting Started
What you need to know to give the best birth chart ever.
Menus of the Astroquick main window
Window for the Astroquick software with settings.
Menus for charts windows
Chart | Edit | Publication | Report | AstroQuick
Menus for related charts windows
Synastry | Progressions | Sky | Browsing
AstroQuick main window
Main window functions (home page)
Charts windows
Functions for charts and synastries windows
Ephemeris window
Functions for numerical ephemerides windows
Transits and directions Windows
Functions for the window of the list of planetary transits and directions
Your data
All you need to know to save or transfer your charts and astrological data.
The search for the 7 rays
according to the book by Daniel Véga "Astrologie scientifique psychologique ésotérique: Les 7 rayons dans l'horoscope"
Videos Tutorials
Visual examples of the software use
License contract
conditions of use of the software (a must read)
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Illustrations index
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