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Synastry's aspectarian table
Charts comparison Bruce with Demi
Bruce Willis
Pisces Ascendant Virgo
fr. 03/18/1955 @ 18h33
Westfalen, Allemagne - lat. 51N27 - lon. 006E47
Demi Moore
Scorpio Ascendant Pisces
su. 11/11/1962 @ 14h16
Roswell, New Mexico USA - lat. 33N24 - lon. 104W31
    A synastry is based on the study of planets and houses reciprocal positions in each birth chart. This analysis introduces us to three general aspects:
  - The zodiacal affinities of each personal planet that will help us get in touch with the positive and negative aspects of our personality.
  - The positions in houses that will help you figure out in what aspect those psychological tendencies will express themselves.
  - The qualities of planetary inter-aspects (harmonies or dissonances) that will help you figure out if you are willing to get along well with someone or not.
    We remind you that it is impossible for a computerized analysis, even fully detailled, to give the exact summary of all the consequences in the results we find for each birth chart. The synastry is a very complex astrological study that can't work with a computer. However, the following analysis will give you key elements for you to figure out many things about why you do (not) get along with someone.
    It is important to remember that those generalities are neither a statement of fact nor a benediction for your relationship. Beyond the way people express their astrological potential is a relationship that first and foremost depends on the level of love. Only a sincere love and a common knowledge of you and your partner's particularities will guarantee a stable and lasting relationship that would overcome all the obstacles!
    Enjoy your reading !
Sun Solar signs
The study of solar positions helps you understand how to react in your relationship with your partner according to the caracteristics of her sign.
The way your sun's sign loves:
Sun Pisces
Your planet Neptune will make you idealistic, hyper-sensitive but often enigmatic. What people like about you is your mysterious personality, your imagination and your charisma ( when you are willing to be like that!). Being very emotional and compassionate, you definitely want to raise your soul above the human condition. But those qualities are not often appreciated because you can't express the way you feel. You tend to hide as far as your emotions are concerned, and people take it as coldness and distance. That's why you shouldn't be so cynical and cartesianist, a reflection of your taste for paradox, the same reflection that blocks you as far as your mental is concerned. That's why your partners criticize you from escaping from trials and tribulations of daily life and from responsibilities because you don't stick to what you promise. With maturity you learn how to make concessions and to be more down-to-earth. By developing your spiritual side, you learn how to look at your friends and family with loving eyes. It's so good on you...
The way Demi sun's sign loves:
Sun Scorpio
Pluto, Demi's planet, gives Demi much insight and charm, an entrancing charm allowing Demi to keep the intimacy needed and to sometimes hide from excitation and adrenalin. What you like about Demi is her magnetism and of course... sexual power. Being secret and sometimes manipulative, the way Demi seduces is famous all around you. As far as love is concerned, Demi sexual power makes Demi very passionate, and Scorpios sometimes even like perversity and suffering, both their partner's or theirs. Indeed, they'd rather suffer deep inside than show it.
More precisely, love is a vocation to Demi, with its obligations and rites, but this commitment is very loyal, Demi is faithful and will never betray and expect partners to do the same. Otherwise... all Demi wants is revenge and her heart will be closed for good. With maturity, Demi gets away from passion and become wiser, just like the eagle overlooking the valley... and without being proud of it.
Sun Ascendant
Your Sun is in her house I
Sometimes you are each other's reflection: you unconsciously tend to identify yourself to her personality or behaviour around people. That's why sometimes people think you are brother and sister or cousins. If none of you has a power over the other... you can keep playing this game.
House II Sun
Her Sun is in your house II
You sometimes believe Demi is your most precious belonging. As long as she is not your "thing" or bank account... there's nothing wrong with that! If Demi is taking care of the budget in your couple, that may mean you trust her enough and Demi can count on your support as far as material things are concerned.
Sun Conjunction Ascendant
Her ascendant conjunct to your Sun
Demi has a lot of influence over you, and especially over your creativity (kids, artistical activities, leisures). That's why Demi can help you make the right choice as far as your own guidance is concerned.
Sun trine Venus
Your Sun trine to her Venus
You are susceptible to her charm and sex-appeal, that's why your personality matches Demi's way to love. As a matter of fact you often share the same tastes and values especially as far as art is concerned (music, danse, fashion). If any other dissonant aspect is messing up your harmony, you are a happy couple.
Jupiter trine Sun
Your Jupiter is trine to her Sun
Demi's personality matches your enthusiasm and generosity. You get along very well, especially when it's time to party!
Saturn Conjunction Sun
Her Sun is conjunct to your Saturn
Demi's personality matches your sense of responsibilities. You give much credit to her seriousness and integrity. But sometimes you bother her with your restrictive side.
Uranus trine Sun
Her Sun is trine to your Uranus
Demi's personality matches your creativity well, so much that you come to believe Demi is great. Besides, Demi likes your new and original ideas.
Pluto Square Sun
Her Sun is square to your Pluto
Demi is confused by your sexual instinct and your tendency to keep everything for yourself and to be scared... and that's going to bother you both. Try to find out if other harmonic aspects minimize this tendency.
Ascendant Ascendants
Your Ascendant also has preferences when it comes to love and shows you the way you act in your relationships with others, and especially with your partner.
Ascendant Virgo
Your Ascendant is in Virgo
In your relationships and in life in general, your intelligence, observation and subtlety are very appreciated by your partners. Nevertheless, you might change from subtile to maniac and people might get sick of your questionning. People wish you could stop criticizing all the time and be a little more tolerant! You may find some stability with an attractive, mysterious person who won't be pushed around!
Love preferences of Demi's Ascendant:
Ascendant Pisces
Demi's ascendant Pisces
In her relationships and in her life in general, Demi is easily influenced and likely to get away from responsibilities and commitments. She should try as much as possible not to be helped by people because she paradoxically longs for helping others. As far as love is concerned, Demi goes from a romantic love story to another as well as relationships with... no happy ending. If you want to avoid betrayals and disappointments, try to keep Demi focused. She may find stability with a realistic and organized person but who is opened to the mysteries of life and love!
Ascendant House VII
Your Ascendant in Demi's House VII
Here is a perfect astral position for the couple! Demi takes your opinion into account as far as your relationship and even her potential associates are concerned... inasmuch as you remain objective of course.
House VI Ascendant
Demi's ascendant in your Sixth house
Demi has a power over the way you manage your routine, from the time you are going to work to your health in general. That's why she probably has good piece of advice so that you can stop stressing out.
Ascendant opposition Ascendant
Your Ascendants in opposition
In spite of appearances, you both complement each other. You don't share the same values but you are often balanced in your relationship. You should always make concessions and not be too selfish.
Jupiter trine Ascendant
Your Jupiter in trine to her Ascendant
Her personality often matches your personal evolution. If no other dissonant aspect is refuting that, we can say you know how to take the right decisions together, especially with banks.
Saturn trine Ascendant
Her Ascendant trine to your Saturn
Her personality often matches your ability to climb the social ladder. If no other dissonant aspect is refuting that, Demi helps you a lot by facing her responsibilities especially with banks.
Uranus trine Ascendant
Her Ascendant trine to your Uranus
Her personality usually matches your original disposition. If no other aspect is refuting that; you may live incredible moments together as much with your creativity as with intellectual conversations.
Moon The Moon and intimate life
The Moon is connected to your emotions, your sensitivity and your mood. It's also connected to your erotic imagination and the way you sexually get along with Demi.
Moon Capricorne
Your natal Moon in Capricorn
With a rather wild disposition, you only give a little bit of yourself and maybe more if you have a total confidence in Demi. Actually you always try to be reasonable as far as your emotions are concerned and you often need to control your heart. As far as sex is concerned, you tend to get away from passion because you are afraid of the consequences of a blind love. However behind this "coldness" lies a warm and... delicious disposition!
The Moon and Demi's intimacy
Moon Taurus
Demi's natal Moon in Taurus
Demi's attraction for simple things makes her someone lovable, full of sensuality and greedy for life. But she is easily influenced because her instinct sometimes gets the upper hand. Demi should try to not be too lazy or possessive cause it would keep her from having the blessings brought by Venus. As far as sex is concerned, Demi takes some time before giving a hundred per cent. But as soon as she is ready... Demi becomes the boss of foreplays.
Moon House XI
Your Moon is in her house XI
Thanks to your sensitivity and your imagination, you stimulate Demi's own sensitivity and imagination in order to make plans for the future. Besides, most of her friends like your good disposition.
House VIII Moon
Her Moon is in your Eighth house
Demi likes your sex appeal, that's why you have been on the same page from the start. She likes the mysterious look in your eyes and that makes her melt. Besides, Demi knows how to answer your questions about the nature of human life.
Moon trine Moon
Moons in trine
It's really easy for both of you to live together everyday because you both have a good disposition. And if one ever gets moody, the other one tries to calm her down and there will be no argument. Besides you can feel her emotions, that's why you can predict when to calm down in order to avoid a conflict.
Moon sextile Sun
Your Moon sextile to Demi's Sun
Demi's personality matches your sensitivity. You often get along well on many occasions because in your relationship there's a balance between masculinity and feminity.
Moon sextile Ascendant
Your Moon sextile to Demi's ascendant
Demi's personality matches your sensitivity. If no other aspect makes it change, we can say that Demi knows how to turn you on and how to calm you and your emotions down when it's necessary.
Moon sextile Venus
Your Moon sextile to Demi's Venus
Your sensitivity usually matches the way she loves. Demi likes your charm and her desires match your libido. Besides her emotional side moves you a lot and also turns you on, which is good for your relationship.
Jupiter sextile Moon
Her Moon sextile to your Jupiter
You usually know how to make Demi happy, thanks to your kindness and affability. You both know that humor is the key to a sullen life, that's why you always put things into perspective.
Saturn opposition Moon
Her Moon opposite to your Saturn
Demi sometimes feels like you tend to judge and even make her feel guilty. You have to take her opinion into account and reassure Demi by being less taciturn.
Uranus sextile Moon
Her Moon sextile your Uranus
Demi usually likes your resourceful and original side because that makes her find good ideas for your daily life at home. Besides her sensitivity matches your creativity and it's good for your artistic harmony.
Pluto Square Moon
Her Moon square your Pluto
Demi thinks that you often lack subtlety in what you say and the way you act, and that makes her moody. Try to find out if harmonic aspects from your planets to her Moon minimize this tendency.
Venus Venus and feelings
The study of Venus, the planet of love and union, is indispensable to understand the cohesion of your relationship. Venus is connected to the way you express your feelings, your tastes and your expectations on the emotional plane.
Venus Aquarius
Your natal Venus in Aquarius, you are looking for free and sincere love. Being independent, loving honesty and freedom, you get away from passion and extreme situations of love: jealousy, idealism, perversity or romanticism. To you a loving frienship based on ideas sharing and intellectual conversations will make you blossom more than a romantic relationship, although the feelings are strong and the desires fulfilled. Since your soul is ready to rise to look for peace and serenity, you need "air" and "to breathe" in your relationships. That's why you like distance and that makes you stay close to your friends and then be even happier to spend some time with your partner with more fervor. In spite of this lack of passion, your feelings are very sincere, and you are also a kid at heart, which is very endearing.
The best piece of advice we can give your partner is to let you live your life the way you want and to not be jealous. What you both like about each other is humor, independence and ability to renew your desires.
How Demi deals with the way she loves:
Venus Scorpio
Demi's Venus in Scorpio, her attractions are passionate, imperious, immediate. Such a Venus naturally radiates a magnetism and people are attracted. Her mysterious and disturbing look, her mocking laughs of complicity, her equivocal gestures make Demi an expert in seduction. In general and contrary to all expectations she gives her all for a passionate love story, Demi needs to live unforgettable moments fervently, but she will become distant if she feels like the other is falling in love with her. She knows the distance between love and hatred is short: drama, perversity, neverending passion leading to jealousy... Demi tries to get away from that. Actually she is emotionally very stable but wouldn't live without passion. By the way... what's more stimulating than an argument or a breaking off? Demi knows so much how to win back her special one's heart... What you like about Demi is her sexual magnetism and the intensity of her feelings. Her main quality is the abality she has to question her feelings in order to always remain real.
Venus House XII
Your Venus in her house XII
Demi is very susceptible to your charm and the power of your feelings, especially in this intimacy you are sharing, when you both hold each other and your souls are in harmony...
House III Venus
Her Venus is in your Third house
You probably met thanks to common friends or thanks to her sister (or daughter). Anyway... Demi is receptive to your tastes and preferences and she likes to share a lot with you.
Venus Square Venus
Your Venuses are in square
The way you love is very different from the way she loves. You don't share the same values. Besides, you don't have the same feelings because you are bothered by her lack of attention and tenderness. If other aspects minimize this tendency, you can overcome this obstacle but you will have to favor love from the heart, true love, and each one of you will have to make efforts. Or you simply have a more spiritual way to love each other.
Venus Square Sun
Your Venus in square to Demi's Sun
Her personality doesn't really match the way you love. Besides, you don't have the same tastes or values, especially in the artistic or esthetic field. That's why you need to find other things in common so that this relationship can last...
Venus Square Moon
Your Venus square to Demi's Moon
Her sensitivity doesn't really match the way you love. You don't always like her charm or her esthetic tastes or artistic preferences. If no other harmonic aspects to your Venus is moderating this tendency, you may be frustrated...
Venus Square Mercury
Your Venus square to Demi's Mercury
The way you love often irritates Demi who thinks you don't always understand the way she communicates. You think she is too complicated and sometimes too aggressive. That's why you should avoid any arguments...
Venus opposition Mars
Your Venus opposite to Demi's Mars
The way she wants to conquer you seems to be some kind of provocation sometimes and you don't like that. However you can complement each other as long as she can control herself. You should talk about patience and Demi will learn how to fulfil your dreams.
Venus Conjunction Saturn
Your Venus in conjunction to her Saturn
The way you love always makes you want to feel secure and to rely on Demi and her protection. But sometimes you wish she'd give you more warmth and tenderness. But keep being appreciative because sometimes she can show her tender side, especially in her eyes...
Venus Square Neptune
Your Venus square to her Neptune
Your tastes and values don't really match her idealistic and romantic personality. The feelings you have for her are unfortunately full of illusion and bound to fade away because of cheating... Try to find out if another harmonic aspect to your Venus can moderate this tendency, otherwise you may disappoint each other...
Jupiter trine Venus
Her Venus trine to your Jupiter
You usually know how to keep contentment in your relationship and spend some quality time together. Besides, Demi likes your generosity a lot and it satisfies her emotional personality.
Saturn Conjunction Venus
Her Venus in conjunction to your Saturn
Demi feels like you are being cold and distant, and also overbearing or judgmental. In order to bring harmony in your relationship, you need to open your heart and to be a little less stingy.
Uranus trine Venus
Her Venus trine to your Uranus
The way Demi loves perfectly matches your original and smart personality and it brings her emotional life some imagination. Moreover her artistic sensitivity matches your creativity.
Pluto Square Venus
Her Venus in square to your Pluto
Sometimes Demi thinks you are hard on people and you lack diplomacy, or even that you are disrespectful in some cases, especially as far as sex is concerned. Try to see if harmonic aspects from your planets to her venus minimize this tendency.
Mercury Mercury and friendship
Friendship is an important part of a relationship. Mercury is connected to the way you express yourself and communicate with Demi. The study of this planet will therefore make you realize how much you get along and how close you are as far as your friendship is concerned.
Mercury Pisces
Your natal Mercury is in Pisces
You have a strong imagination and phychic powers that you need to develop. Your spirit is subtle, easy, able to open itself to philosophy, literature or also esotericism. To you friendship is essential, but your intellect may seem to be a little too utopian. A certain tendency to illusions or superstition may take you away from reality to abstraction and naive beliefs, that's why Demi needs to remain down to earth!
Demi's Mercury
Mercury Scorpio
Her natal Mercury is in Scorpio
Her insight or the way she argues and uses the right word at the right moment can make Demi the best judge, attorney or police lieutenant! she is slick, intuitive and always finds the right thing to say when all she wants is to convince or a way out when the situation is getting too tricky. Demi sometimes is sceptical or cynical, and her sarcastic remarks sometimes make you uncomfortable around her. But you like her daring and retort. To Demi friendship is connected to complicity and discoveries.
Mercury House XII
Your Mercury is in her house XII
Demi likes the intimacy you have and when you are together in the quietness of your house in order to talk about anything. But you need to keep her secrets for yourself otherwise Demi may be mad at you.
House II Mercury
Her Mercury is in your house II
Demi understands very well the way you take care of your bank account or both your belongings. That's why most of the time you trust in her and material life will be eased.
Mercury Conjunction Jupiter
Your Mercury in conjunction to her Jupiter
Demi's natural enthusiasm intellectually stimulates you. That's why she can help you efficiently (even with money) in your commercial and media oriented researches. A good business is about to come!
Mercury opposition Uranus
Your Mercury opposite to her Uranus
You feel like the quality of your conversations has sometimes been altered by Demi's tendency to be moody and change her mind all the time. Now Demi has to take your opinion into account and think about you both, not her only.
Saturn Conjunction Mercury
Her Mercury conjunct your Saturn
Demi is intellectually stimulated by your knowledge. That's why you can efficiently help her in her commercial or media oriented approaches. But try not to be too dogmatic.
Mars MARS and desire
Mars is the symbol of masculinity and action and is connected to the expression of desire and the will to conquer. For women the planet represents the man as a lover and for men, it represents the expression of sexual desire.
The way you express your desire
Mars Taurus
Your natal Mars in Taurus
You started off very slow but you are steadfast in your efforts. You don't like to be attacked upfront and to be slyly teased. Your anger can cause a lot of damage but you need to go through a lot to feel this way.
As far as sex is concerned, your desire is connected to sensuality. You need someone who knows how to make a fuss of you. Although you naturally are slow to be aroused... you get indefatigable very fast!
The way Demi expresses her desire:
Mars Leo
Her natal Mars in Leo
Demi tends to be the leader, to show what she can do and to increase the prestige of her skills and qualities. Sometimes she needs to experience daring experiences. Demi shouldn't abuse too much of her strenght because it isn't constant.
As far as sex is concerned, her desire is often unpredictable: she enjoys funny situations, warm embraces in a place where she can be noticed. Basically, you have to give in all her desires.
Mars House II
Your Mars in her house II
You try to give Demi's financial initiatives some importance by giving her investment ideas in order to develop her material independence.
House XI Mars
Her Mars is in your house XI
Her dynamism can encourage you to have new projects or to surround yourself with friends who bring out your ability to renew yourself.
Mars Square Mars
Your Mars are in square
You don't share the same way to act, to make decisions and to work, that's why you shouldn't mix both your personal and professional lives. If other aspects moderate this tendency, you can overcome this obstacle but you have to be more tolerant and you both need to keep some aspects of your lives private... without aggressiveness!
Mars opposition Sun
Her Sun is opposition to your Mars
You often feel like you're opposed but actually you complement each other. As long as you both respect each other without being aggressive... You will be able to work together.
Mars Conjunction Moon
Your Mars conjunct her Moon
Male and female poles complement each other and that arouses both your desires. This is good for your sexual life. However, arguments are also aroused until they reach the point of no return. You need to work this out thanks to dialogue and humor.
Mars opposition Mercury
Your Mars opposite her Mercury
Demi feels like your nervousness and sometimes your aggressiveness alter the quality of your conversations. You need to take her opinion into account and to think more about complementarity than competition in your own relationship.
Mars opposition Venus
Your Mars in opposition to her Venus
In your relationship male and female poles tend to be opposed but most of the time they complement each other. That's why you always take Demi's tastes into account when it comes to taking decisions. That will satisfy her emotional side.
Mars opposition Neptune
Your Mars opposite her Neptune
Sometimes you feel like Demi lacks realism and tries to muddle you and impose her way to act on you. However you can complement each other. That's why Demi needs to take your opinion into account and to reassure you by favouring clarity.
Mars trine Pluto
Your Mars trine her Pluto
Your initiatives usually match Demi's strong magnetism and ability of introspection. That will favour positive questionings, especially at work.
Saturn Square Mars
Her Mars square your Saturn
Sometimes Demi feels like you are too stuck up and that you tend to judge a lot and dramatize. Try to see if harmonic aspects from your planets to her Mars moderate this tendency.
Pluto Conjunction Mars
Her Mars conjunct your Pluto
Sometimes Demi is uncomfortable around you and feels like you have a power and a magnetism over her, especially at work. Try not to keep her from doing what she wants to do...

Birth chart of Bruce Willis
fr. 03/18/1955 @ 18h33
Westfalen, Allemagne
latitude 51N27, longitude 006E47
Bruce Willis
Pisces Ascendant Virgo
Chart of Bruce Willis aspectarian table
Birth chart of Demi Moore
su. 11/11/1962 @ 14h16
Roswell, New Mexico USA
latitude 33N24, longitude 104W31
Demi Moore
Scorpio Ascendant Pisces
Chart of Demi Moore aspectarian table
planetary interaspects table Bruce with Demi
52 128 44 54 42 156 129 22 47 15
128 51 136 137 24 52 158 134 165
69 155 43 16 135 67 128
21 102 77 110 101 164 25 108 169
36 17 161 154
52 71 98 111
111 25 137 164 45 52
102 75 76 69
107 21 141 168 41 110 48
145 21 159 13 23 73 *125 98 53 16 46
152 76 *172 161 *10 79 17
to display degrees and informations, fly over the table with the mouse.
first chart second chart
Bruce Willis
Pisces Ascendant Virgo
fr. 03/18/1955 @ 18h33
Westfalen, Allemagne - lat. 51N27 - lon. 006E47
Demi Moore
Scorpio Ascendant Pisces
su. 11/11/1962 @ 14h16
Roswell, New Mexico USA - lat. 33N24 - lon. 104W31
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We hope this analysis will help you get in touch and understand the different sides of your relationship.
In order to not make this study too complicated and to go straight to the point, we voluntarily let go of the secondary aspects of the synastry (lunar nodes connected to karmic relationships, Black Moons connected to sexuality in general and its complications). If you want to dig deeper in the analysis of your charts and synastry, you should have a consultation with a professional astrologer.

This analysis was written by French astrologer Patrick Giani, writer of books such as: "Maîtrisez votre avenir en positivant vos transits", "Astrologie karmique: principes de base et pratique" and "Les trois dimensions de votre thème astral".
The English translation was made by Loic Janin.
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