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AstroBasic interpretation AstroQuick 7 Software Module
(included in all software versions AstroQuick 7)
With one click, your personalized astrological analysis are immediately ready.
You can edit the final document, for example by correcting certain paragraphs or by adding comments on important sectors of the chart.
The interpretation parameters are set automatically by the chart, so you can produce partial interpretations, eg no astrological houses when the birth time is unknown.
Sample of interpretation AstroBasic of the birth chart

Barack Obama

friday, August 4, 1961 19h24
(sa. 08/05/1961 - 5h24 UT, D.UT = -10h00m)
Honolulu - Hawaii USA (lat.21N28 lon.157W51)


The following analysis doesn't claim to be able to give a full definition of every tendencies of your behavior, a whole book wouldn't be enough.

Its purpose is to introduce you to astrology with a simple and quick reading of the most relevant psychological elements of your birth chart.

Along with the overall interpretation of your ascendant, planets known as "personal" (from the Sun until Saturn) are analysed according to their sign and house position.

So have a seat, relax, and make sure you have time to focus on the reading of this analysis, let your spirit penetrate your deepest soul.

    Have a good reading !

The ascendant is the position of the horizon (east) at the precise time of the birth. It's a basic element of the zodiac that characterizes the most someone's personality, as much as the zodiacal position of the Sun (i.e the solar sign). The ascendant or Rising sign brings out natural tendencies, behavior, disposition and potentials.

Your rising sign is Aquarius

Besides the attributes your solar sign gives you, your ascendant sign makes you original and creative, altruistic but rather independent. You like freedom and nonconformism, you sometimes have very utopian ideas that can't be fulfilled right now. But you know how to have people interested in what you say because you always need change and new sensations. You can be very provocative if you need to, and even innovative. However you need to take care of your nervousness. In your love life you may find stability with someone creative, with a strong personality but who respects your independence.

On your birth chart the Sun is represented by a circle with a point at the center of it. It is connected to the will, the vitality and the personal creativity. It shows the way you interact with your entourage, your authority and the way you behave in society.

Your sun sign is Leo

You are warm, energetic and you like to take chances. Honesty, integrity and loyalty are part of your personality, and you want people to mind their own business. Although you like compliments, you will not tolerate hypocrites and cowards, and if you have to deal with them, you may become arrogant and haughty. However your ambition tells you to ignore them.

You are generous, true to yourself, to your values and to your partners, you are aware of your responsibilities as a leader and you perfectly deal with them although sometimes you tend to abuse a little. You are arrogant, domineering and overbearing, however people can't complain about your natural leader role. As far as jobs you are naturally attracted to positions where you can show your qualities of organization and leadership.

What people like about you is your generosity and your haughtiness.

Your Sun is in House VI

You are a worker, helpful and scrupulous, you were meant to work in the medical/service field. However this kind of position may slow down your social ambitions, indeed you are having a hard time climbing the social ladder and you usually feel like you are not judged at your true value.

You may be rather fragile, you need to eat more and healthier. You are sometimes shy but tend to criticize a lot. You are careful and rational, practical, and will probably end up being a research worker.

On your birth chart the Moon is represented by a crescent that symbolizes the phases of its cycle. It's connected to our emotions, sensitivity and humor (it's because of its cycle that most of the time our bad mood does not last for a long time). The Moon is usually connected to our imagination and our night dreams.

Your natal Moon is in the sign of Gemini

You are very curious, eager to learn and adaptable, but usually unstable and sometimes superficial. You tend to keep your emotions to yourself, that's why you may get lost in a world of your own sometimes. You were meant to work in those fields: journalism, writing...activities where you are able to talk and be active. That's what makes you complete: to adapt yourself to people and circumstances. You need to prioritize in your daily life.

Your Moon is in House IV

You are good-natured and sometimes fragile (from your childhood), you have a strong imagination. You need protection and security, and you also like your house, that's why you are quite a homebody. You appreciate simple things and the quietness of your family, you really enjoy living in the intimacy of your home.

Mercury is represented on your birth chart by a crescent above a circle and a cross. Mercury is connected to your intellect and your ability to communicate, but also to your nervous system and your ability to think.

Your natal Mercury is in Leo

You usually have ambitious ideas and it helps you achieve your goals, but your straightforwardness to explain things may annoy most people.. You give much importance to games because you like to win and to show off. People like your loyalty and your integrity because you usually always honour your promises.

Your Mercury is in House VI

You easily adapt yourself to the work environment and you are productive, also you like to work around the house. However your intelligence is practical and ingenious but your strong nervousness may make you physically sick. You travel a lot thanks to your activities.

Venus is represented by a symbol that looks like Mercury's symbol without the crescent on your Birth chart. Venus is connected to your personal values, the way you love and you live your relationships. Venus is also connected to your tastes and the quality of your feelings.

Your Venus is in Cancer

Your wild imagination, the affection you give and the love you have for your family make you the best partner. Indeed you are sociable, tender, kind and affectionate, your charm is so strong that people easily bond with you. You know more than anyone else how important a kiss and a caress are. You are also capricious, moody and childish. That's why it's hard for you to cut the ombilical cord.

What people like about you is your tenderness, your kindness, your hospitality, your natural grace and your romantic soul. If you manage to give your children the attention you ask from your partner, then you are the happiest person on earth.

Your Venus is in House V

You expect your love life to be great. You want people to love you for what you really are and you want to become and remain the main focus of your partner. You feel like you are someone when you are in a relationship, you need to seduce, to shine, to please, although sometimes your taste for luxury and pleasure is extreme. You like kids and they like you too since you like spending time with them. However deep inside you are an artist and you love the show.

On your Birth chart Mars is represented by a circle with an arrow coming out of it. It is the representation of masculinity, action and masculine energy. Mars is connected to your power of action, your personal initiatives and the energy you have. Mars is also connected to your fighting spirit, your aggressiveness and your ability to overcome obstacles.

Your natal Mars is in Virgo

You are always professional, precise, concise and serious, always taking care of each detail, that's why you may come out as fussy. You easily organize yourself in order to efficiently build your life. However make sure you don't argue too much with your co-workers.

Your Mars is in House VII

You always ask your partner or your co-workers before taking a decision and you often expect another point of view before making a move. You can defend people just as you can be subjected to their influence. You always look for people's approval or physical contact, but you sometimes lack diplomacy and tenderness. You usually need to share your initiatives and to delegate.

Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system. Jupiter represents your potential of expansion, growth and fortune. It's connected to your enthusiasm, your ability to remain joyful and optimistic. However Jupiter also predisposes to excess.

Your natal Jupiter is in the sign of Aquarius

You are liberal, brotherly, generous and just human. Noone could say you are selfish because you always think about others before yourself. You have a team spirit, that's why people usually pick you as a spokesman or as a coach. However what people don't really like about you is your revolutionnary mind and your utopian projects. You are the happiest person when you can help but also party!!

Your Jupiter is in House XII

You like to help, especially the weakest, and people trust you. Your enthusiasm comes from your faith, and your joy is deeply spiritual. However you may be challenged on a financial and material level by being unable to win. The things you are going through along the way are part of the long process called life. You have a protection from above (according to you) and be sure that no matter what happens...you will be a happy retired.

Saturn is different from the other planets thanks to its famous rings. Moreover Saturn is a little smaller than Jupiter. The planet is connected to your restrictions, blocks, limitations, but also to knowledge and social evolution. It's also connected to your wisdom and personal efforts.

Your Saturn is in the sign of Capricorn

You need method, perseverance, honesty and integrity. If you work hard, you may climb the social ladder. However you may become sad, pessimistic and discouraged little by little. You have to admit you easily change your mind from strong ambition to disconcerting pessimism.

Your Saturn is in House XII

Deep inside of you, you have a sense of sacrifice and duty. You are lonely. Sometimes you need to be alone. You may get to have a knowledge in esotericism, human sciences and astrology!

This is the end of our astrological analysis.
We hope it helped you figure out certain aspects of your personality and improve your knowledge of the different elements of your psyche.

This analysis was written by the astrologer Patrick Giani, writer of books such as: "Maîtrisez votre avenir en positivant vos transits", "Astrologie karmique: principes de base et pratique" et "Les trois dimensions de votre thème astral".

This astrological analysis was made by Your name and adresses - www.yourwebsite.com - you@yourwebsite.com with the software AstroQuick 7 from Daniel Véga, astrologer and website designer www.astroo.com.

© copyright AstroQuick.fr 1993-2023 - All rights reserved - Unauthorized propagation prohibited.

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