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Planetary ephemeris window
presentation and functions
Multiperiodical ephemeris
planetary Ephemerides astrology
The ephemeris window allows you to display the longitudes of luminaries, lunations, planets, dark moons, lunar nodes and the 5 main asteroids.
not available with the ECO version.
Date (month year)
Click on the date to change it.
The pointer will ask you to type a new date (month year).
ephemeris planetary table date change
Confirm your choice by clicking on "OK".
To cancel and display the date again, click on the title "period".
5 time periods
5 periods can be selected by clicking on the key that corresponds to :
The display of these periods can be preselected by using the 5 submenus "Ephemeris" from the menu "sky". The lists of planetary positions are all calculated at midnight (Time Unit).
Dark Moon, mean | corrected | true
You can display the mean, corrected or true Dark Moon by clicking one of the three corresponding keys.
Tropical | SVP | Ayanamsa
You can select the zodiac reference by clicking the corresponding zodiac :
Middle lateral edges (left and right invisibles)
Click the left and right areas (big lateral red squares of the picture above) to move back or forward of a period of time.
links on the grey inferior bar
You can move the date back or forward by clicking one of the corresponding links for the date (year month).
Hot keys : bottom left arrow to move back and top right arrow to move forward.
Tutorial video: Use of astrological ephemeris
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