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AstroQuick main window
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AstroQuick 7 main window
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On the right of the homepage you can find information about your birth charts (functional for natal charts).

On the right part of the window, a welcome message will pop up after logging in with :
AstroQuick Windows 7
On top of the sky chart are the Moon phase (updated every hour) and the dates for Moon phases in days, months and Universal Time.
The sky chart is an astrological clock that is updated every 5 minutes (at the most). The corresponding dates and times are indicated below, in Universal Time.
Just like the hourly charts, we created this sky chart with the place and the houses by default in the application options. The other preferences are the ones we use for the charts.
You need to leave this window opened while you are still logged in.
If you inopportunely close this window, there are two ways to reopen it:
To close this window and log off the software, click on 'Quit'.
Be careful: by closing this window you are not logging off. If someone else was to use your computer right after you close this window without logging off they could access your account (without password) !
To securely log off this software, always click on 'Quit', especially if you use this software on a public computer where data are shared.
Sky chart
The size of the lines of the aspects depends on the aspect orb. When this orb is less than 2 degres, the line will be thicker.
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